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Today's business environment demands more than just doing what is expected by your client. To ensure sustainable growth, you need to make certain your team has a firm purpose, has a high level of integrity and has a clear set of goals in place to achieve long term success.

Tom has developed a number of keynote addresses and complimentary workshops to assist you and your team understand the key concepts of effective goal setting as well as give you the tools to go forward and turn your dreams into reality!  These include:

  • Seven Keys To A Successful Personal Brand - 'Expand your Brand'


The strength of your brand determines your earning potential for the future.  The stronger your brand,

the more you and your business will earn!


Having a strong brand assists with:

- Generating more business for your company

- Advocating for positive change in your industry

- Creating more business and career opportunities for you in the future


Join Tom and find out how to 'expand your brand' in your industry, moving

from 'Industry Novice' to 'Industry Leader'!

(Keynote, workshop and breakout options)


  • The 1% Principle’ – Improving your performance TODAY!


Based on his internationally best-selling motivational guide 'The 1% Principle', published through Harper Collins in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ, Tom shows you and your team how to achieve strong sustainable change by asking the question ‘What is one thing I can do today to improve my life by 1%?’ 

(Keynote, workshop and breakout options)


  • ‘Light-Bulb Moments’ – Breakthrough moments that change how we think

       and what we do!


As the NZ Herald Business and Employment Columnist, Tom’s column ‘Light-Bulb Moments’ highlights incredible moments of learning from national business and  cultural leaders.  This is bought alive in this presentation, allowing your audience

insight into their own light-bulb moments, and ways to tap into that flash of incredible breakthrough.  

(Keynote, workshop and breakout options)


  • ‘Goal Getting – Not Goal Setting!’ 


Core principles for effective goal planning and achievement in your organisation.  Introduction to Tom’s COMPASS Goal Achievement Programme©.   

(Keynote, workshop and breakout options)


  • ‘Just Do It’ – 12 powerful keys to get and stay motivated


Ensure your team takes accountability for their decision making and are motivated to get things achieved today, not tomorrow!  

(Keynote, workshop and breakout options)


  • ‘Success Through Failure’ – How great failure can lead to great success!


Tom looks at great successes in history, who started out failing greatly. Finding key themes in their success, this topic highlights 7 keys you and your team can implement to go to the next level!

(Keynote, workshop and breakout options)


  • ‘Happy - How to find joy in the everyday'


Assessing latest medical research in the areas of happiness and emotion, Tom looks at life facts and techniques we can use to all be a bit happier everyday.

(Keynote, After-dinner)


  • Tailored keynotes, workshops and breakouts to meet your specific requirements.


With his extensive organisational leadership background across a wide range of industries, Tom is well placed to create tailored presentations and workshops, ensuring your specific group and conference goals are achieved.  Other areas of expertise include:


- Governance versus Management


- Developing strong and meaningful corporate values 


- Entrepreneurship and small business leadership


- NFP management and leadership


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