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Tom O'Neil has been featured over 100 times across international media including:

Published and featured in the Harvard Business Review, Economist, TVNZ, TV3 and the NZ Herald, Tom is an award winning motivational speaker and international author who inspires, excites and challenges both professional audiences and individuals to improve their short, medium and long term performance.

Through his dynamic, fun and engaging presentation style,

Tom will give you and your team the tools to put in place effective

strategies to reach your full potential across your organisation.


                                             Tom can help you and your team with:

                                                   - Team performance improvement  

                                                   - Corporate integrity, reputation and

                                                          trust building

                                                   - Goal coaching and team development

                                                   - Motivational and inspirational speaking

                                                   - Conference keynote speaking

                                                   - Group training and development

                                                   - Team and indvidual coaching and mentoring

                                                   - Successful career / life management

                                                   - Personal branding and marketing

As an internationally recognised specialist in personal development, reputation, corporate integrity and career management, Tom is the author of two books published in the U.S.A., U.K., Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


Find out more about Tom's inspirational and motivational keynote, workshop and coaching solutions by clicking below:



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Contact Tom direct on (0800) 282 669 to discuss your keynote, coaching and development needs


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